Cannon Lewis represents a refined bohemian aesthetic that is at once luxurious and irreverent. Introspective and whimsical. Sophisticated and playful. Materials include some of the world’s most precious stones and metals, but the jewelry never takes itself too seriously. Inspired by organic lines found in nature, there is a lyrical soulfulness to every piece that transcends the latest trends.

The Cannon Lewis line is composed of three collections: Captivate, Life, and Trouve.


Cannon Lewis, a native Texan, merges her love for texture, colors and the slightly avante-garde with a sensitive approach to life and style. A metal class in the 8th grade sparked a passion for jewelry and she began to dabble with metals and stones alongside her studio art interests. By her junior year of high school Cannon Lewis formed her namesake company, and by her junior year of college, while pursuing a degree in art history, she had accounts with Barney’s New York, Stanley Korshak and other fine stores. Cannon now lives in Texas where she spends her time sketching, laughing & walking.