Sketch of the Day!

Captivate necklace with turquoise enclosed in a 14k yellow gold casing. The pendant is 3/4 inches tall and hangs on an 18 inch 14k chain. Engraved on the back: "The outside is only a movement of the symphony within." This is my response to everyone who has asked for a captivate necklace at a more approachable price. I've used a vivid robin's egg blue turquoise encased in the gold. The necklace just shines.

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Coming Up Roses. 10 Days Later

I was looking into ways to freshen up my house and my mood a bit the other day and stumbled upon this site that sells and ships beautiful roses! They ship them from the farm in Guatemala so they are fresh, and they stay that way too. The roses picture here are 10 days old and counting! They even have a service to auto ship flowers, so you don't have to remember to do it. They need a week in advance because they come from South America, but looking at the quality of these they're more than worth it. Prices aren't too bad either, flat price of $40 for a dozen, $50 for 2 dozen. Visit order some freshness for you or a friend!

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Custom Jewelry!

This happy lady has been wanting this Mexican fire opal and diamond ring for 5 years and after a few nudges to her husband he surprised her with it for their 5 year anniversary! I re-designed the ring to have her initials on the inside of the ring and a special note from her husband engraved on the band. I'm so happy to be a part of such a fun story. If you're looking for a breath-taking gift, feel free to contact me with ideas and I will make your custom piece come true! The bride and her one-of-a-king ring/man!

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