Pajama Game, Part 1

My all time favorite place to go in LA is the Brentwood Country Mart. I could write a whole post about why I love the Country Mart (someday I will), but it was on one of my jewelry delivery runs to Broken English that I discovered a new reason to love the Country Mart: Roberta Roller Rabbit Children's Pajamas Now I have searched high and low for the perfect pajamas because I hate 90% of the options. Little baby clothes are so soft, but it seems like when the size hits 2T out with the soft and in with the stiff cotton and joker prints. But not these pajamas - this cotton is soooo soft and the colors stay vibrant wash after wash with NO PILLING. The baby footed pajamas even have a snapped back flap which just looks precious when the little ones crawls across the floor.

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This Old House: Small Scale

I am in the midst of a major remodel on my house. Well actually its a little too small for me to live in because it is my dollhouse. Yes, you read that right. I recently moved back to Texas and this house has been sitting in my childhood bedroom in need of some massive deferred maintenance. My daughter started to play with the house and all I could see when I looked at it was an unfinished project in my life. I decided to make a change. What started with just finishing the wallpaper has turned into a massive overhaul: I bought flooring, then of course needed baseboards, and then needed crown molding and this list continues. I've had to sand everything, paint everything, and I even bought a miter box saw to get the angles right. So I guess feel free to laugh - I feel a little crazy posting about this to begin with, but couldn't resist the humor. There are so many blogs with gorgeous interiors, home remodels, home tours, etc. and I have found myself guilty of "looking for inspiration" but coming away with feeling un-thankful for what I have and wishing I had something else or making lists of things, things, things I don't actually need in my life. So enjoy my slight insanity remodel comparison free - unless you too have a dollhouse sitting in your attic...

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Life Sketches: Midland, Texas

This weekend my husband and I took a road trip out to Midland, Texas to visit some friends. The drive was beautiful - maybe it's the Texan in me that is partial, but I love the peace found in the stillness of the long endless plains spotted with low bushes and rusted fences. The wind turbines scattered along the drive remind me of Monet's haystacks paintings. The Pump Jacks are everywhere! When I was little I thought they looked like giant horses eating grass with their heads bobbing up and down in the ground.

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Casting Call

Just thought I would show you what the jewelry pieces look like when they come straight from the inspiration, to the casting and then to the final product!  

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