New Earrings

I just got my pictures back and will be uploading them to the website this week. Thank you Will Graham for the lovely photos!

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Get Your Gun

My sister introduced me to this gem in the magazine world: Garden & Gun. She called to tell me of this discovery and I took one look at the magazine and I was smitten. Garden & Gun where have you been all my life and why did I not know about you? I will take the excuse of spending the last 4 years in the not so southern states of New York and California, but I am thrilled to join the train even if I am a little late. This magazine is filled with amazing music (back porch sessions with the likes of Holly Williams and Jason Isabel), home tours (plantation style), southern interest articles like this one discussing the artist Jesse Freidin's exhibit: Contemporary Hunters and their Gun Dogs, and city guides to southern staples from Knoxville to Baton Rouge. Not to mention the food articles: hot sauce, shrimp and grits, mint juleps, pecan pie - you get the idea. If you are not from the south (so unfortunate) subscribe to brush up your Shakespeare. If you are blessed to be from this glorious part of the country, Garden & Gun is a celebration of all that is real and nostalgic. Reading makes me feel like I am sitting under a magnolia tree sipping a milk punch and nibbling on cheese straws and pimento cheese sandwiches - cut in triangles with no crust, obviously.

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