Coated Denim

  Coated denim (which looks similar to leather) is my new favorite fall wardrobe addition. Its not as expensive as leather and not hot like the fake leather pant option since it is made predominately of cotton. The effect is a sleek and chic update. I have these pants from AG, or Zara make a great budget friendly version in grey and black.

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Conversations with Cannon: Amanda McCorkle

I first learned about Amanda when I received the most brilliant letterpress birth announcement from a friend. With an art background myself and a special love for etching - I just had to know who was behind this art piece in the form of a letter. Amanda McCorkle is the artist mind behind ColorQuarry Letterpress, which presents unique, one-of-a-kind birth announcements and wedding invitations, which simply add to the excitement and magic already surrounding these significant moments. I am in awe of Amanda's artistic talent - her birth announcements are such gems and I am so excited to share with you a few of this statements from the artist herself - I think you will be smitten too... Cannon: Can you explain your artistic process from the initial consultation with a client to the final product? Amanda: After consulting with the client about possible themes and imagery they'd like included, I sit down and sketch out ideas. Sometimes I have a clear vision from the start and then it's just a matter of executing it on the computer. Sometimes it takes a bit more playing around with pieces to make it work. Once I have a completed design, I email a proof in several different color options. At that point in the process, if there are any minor edits to be done, we get the announcement to a good point and then send the file off to the platemakers! They make an aluminum plate of the image (in reverse, of course) and then it's ready for press! C: What was your initial attraction to letterpress printing? A: My very first time seeing letterpress type was while I was in school, going to Rhode Island School of Design, here in Providence. As a true type nerd, I loved playing with combinations of old letterforms and colors to make little type 'collages'. After graduating in '98, I worked primarily as a print designer, but it wasn't until I had my daughter, Ada, that I got back in to designing for letterpress. I wanted to design a birth announcement that was as amazing as my lil' girl was...and so went the start of ColorQuarry Letterpress (an offshoot of ColorQuarry, my primary design work). I started an Etsy shop and realized there was a real market for people who wanted birth announcements or wedding invitations that reflected who they were, and how excited they were at this extraordinary time in their lives! C: How has the style of your announcements and invitations evolved since starting Color Quarry? A: Quite a bit actually! When I designed my daughter' announcement (my first birth announcement) I didn't have an idea for a specific theme or place. I just knew I wanted it to feel magical and surreal, so I found a lot of strange vintage clipart and redrew portions of the wallpaper we had used in her bedroom to create a pretty wild frenetic piece. I think now the announcements and invitations have a more cohesive feel to them ... more like tiny flat dioramas of scenes. It's great fun talking with a client about what they'd like and then creating that world for them. C: Where do you draw your inspiration from? A: I know its cliche to say, but I really draw inspiration from everything. There are artists I've loved and draw general inspiration from (Calder, Cocteau, Alexander Girard, Ungerer, Henry Dagger, etc), but I think right now, children's books are one of my biggest inspirations. There's so much amazing illustration in vintage children's books (A Woggle of Witches, Moomin, anything drawn by Brian Wildsmith). Sometimes it's  just a random idea I'll get from looking at National Geographic (We got my daughter a subscription after she fell in love with this issue). C: Do you have a favorite or memorable announcement or invitation? A: It's hard to choose, but some of my longest running favorites are Ace, Jonah, and Henry for birth announcements. There was a job I did for an amazing couple that was getting a new dog (Isabella) and wanted to send out an extravagant announcement for her. They sent me chocolates at Christmas and we still stay in touch via email! I love getting to do stuff with different papers and inks like I did with the Luke & Emily invitation (gold ink on black paper). I hope to be able to do more jobs like that in the future! There's this seed paper I have been dying to use on a job. The recipient of the invite or announcement can simply wet the paper, plant it in the ground, and wildflowers will grow from it! C: What are your hopes for Color Quarry? Where do you see the company going from here? A: My short-term goal for CQ Letterpress is to continue to grow the size and scope of the projects. My long-term goal is to maybe one day have a real bricks & mortar storefront for the biz! I would love to actually meet face-to-face with clients someday! C: How has motherhood impacted your artistic pursuits? A: Haha, good question! It was much more difficult in the first 2 years than it is now. I went from essentially working 20 hr. days and loving it, to being a full-time mom for a couple of years. Obviously, there are countless other ways I fell in love with my new 'job,' but it definitely helped me develop the ability to focus my ideas better when I'm working on something. Ada's still only in preschool (part-time), so when I have time to work I am sure to make the most efficient use of it! It's a challenge, but I always work better under pressure. ;) I knew you all would be obsessed after reading this! For moreColorQuarry Pressannouncement and invitation designs, check out her website and Etsy store!

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By George.

These earrings have a special place in my heart. Besides being beautiful, they are inspired by a sweet story. I spotted similar earrings on 47th street during one of my first weeks living in New York: Georgian, c. 1880 in the original leather box. I would pass by the shop on the way to the jewelers, inquire if I didn't see the earrings in the window, and carried on this inquiry for two years. A few times I thought of justifying their purchase for myself: a better way to study Georgian jewelry, an investment, I need it because I design jewelry, I need a memory of my time in New York ... I had gone to great lengths to even negotiate the price, gather all contact information and photographs of the piece for my husband. We moved from the city in May: Christmas and birthday came and left. The earrings never surfaced - but I could not shake them from my mind. After the second Christmas with no earrings I decided to return to my earlier justifications and call and buy them for myself. I had never bought jewelry like this for myself but I was determined. I called. I found out to my dismay: The earrings were sold - sold to an individual, who happened to not really like the color of the stones but they bought them anyhow because their girlfriend liked them. The statement ended my two year thread of hope because obviously that was not my husband - I knew for a fact my husband would not have even noticed the color or cared to mention anything unless it was about the price or if it seemed broken. I hung up the phone and cried. I called my husband at work crying. He kindly mentioned I did design jewelry so why didn't I just make some. I cried more because I didn't live in 1880, the leather box was unreplicable, and this memory of 47th street was taken away by someone who didn't even like the stones. And lastly, I cried because I was pregnant and didn't know it at the time, so all those nice early pregnancy hormones just added to the mix. Four months later, my sweet husband handed me a box on my 30th birthday. I was shocked. I was so happy I wanted to cry but I was just silently stunned (and I had cried waayyy to much about them in the past) He had bought the earrings a year ago before we moved and kept them hidden. So, since there is no way I am parting with mine, I bring to you a version of those 1880 Georgian earrings. I changed out the old mine cut diamonds for champagne rose cut diamonds and added a second version in mint green amethyst. The earrings have the same alluring quality as the original though - the faint color of the stones combined with the subtle sparkle of the rose cuts make the earrings understated enough to wear with a t-shirt but elegant enough for black tie. This version comes in its own leather box too. Perhaps a century later someone in your family will still be loving them or maybe they will be adopted by someone who will find them just as lovely as you did.

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Olive Us

Olive Us is a charming web series following the lives of six children, Ralph, Maude, Olive, Oscar, Betty, and Flora June. The family lives in the countryside of France and these short films capture the nostalgia of family and adventure through a child's eyes. One of my favorites is Betty in Paris - I love how the film shows the grandness of Paris from the gaze of a little girl dressed in red. I always smile when I see a new episode alert in my inbox - Olive Us always delivers a short escape into the child's land of adventure. For the Olive Us website, click here. To see the new season, click here. The mother of these six children, Gabrielle Blair, also writes a blog, (I don't know how she does it all - I have two kids and always feel slightly behind). Betty In Paris from Olive Us on Vimeo. A precious video of the family together: Christmas Tree Hunt from Olive Us on Vimeo.

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Going, Going, Gone.

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Bonpoint? Nope. Its Zara...

There is no doubt Zara is one of my favorite stores - the clothes are well made, the shoes are always great, there are great handbag and shoe options in leather for excellent prices, and my Zara purchases never seem to go out of style. This fall, Zara has done it again. The children's line is precious with a bit of edge and the baby line is awesome - very French with beautiful little prints, adorable cardigans, leather mary jane shoes (!!)- looking quite Bonpoint for a fraction of the price (and did I mention that the boys clothes are cute too?? You can visit the Zara website or my pinterest page where I have been pinning away!! Images via Zara Website

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New! Cluster Earrings in Vermeil

I have received quite a few emails begging for these cluster earrings in gold vermeil and I am so pleased to announce - they are here!! 14k gold vermeil post back earrings with London blue topaz and light blue topaz (set upside down to look like rose cuts). These are a must - have for fall - so chic, so elegant and people will be stopping you left and right!!!

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Introspection + Utopia

On my last trip to Barcelona, I fell in love. The name: Hoss Intropia. The moment I walked into the first Hoss Intropia store I felt like I had come home. Every single piece of clothing, the decor, the style, the detail was just as I would have it if I could design a clothing collection. The use of color, the meticulous use of detail (tiny pleats, bias cuts, special buttons, fabric layers, I can go on) had me. I went to every store in Barcelona and every store in Madrid wanting to see absolutely everything they carried. I think the reason why I was so captivated was that not only were the clothes beautiful to the eye, I could tell that there was an artist behind all of this - not someone trying to make clothing for clothing's sake, but someone who carefully chose the fabrics and chose the designs as an art form. The stores themselves were beautifully arranged and spoke of the detailed artistry the brand invokes. I came home to find that this love affair was to be more of a star crossed one - there were no US Hoss Intropia stores. The website is filled with beautiful photos, new designs, and blog posts about art, but this only grieved me more because I found the only online way to purchase was their last season discounted on Yoox (awesome website - the product photos don't capture Hoss Intropia's details as well as it could though) and I made use of this method. But I am so pleased to announce that Hoss Intropia is now in the US! The line is carried in select Bloomindales (see list of stores here) and few shoes can be found at Calypso, and if you are in Dallas, a few styles are carried at Cabana. Now all that needs to happen is a full Hoss Intropia store to come to Dallas and I will feel like this three year long distance love will be over. Until then, I will just Yoox the last season ( this, this, this, this, and this, please) and hopefully find myself in one of the lucky US cities, or if you find me on a plane to Denmark or Indonesia, you will know the reason why. All photos via Hoss Intropia

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