Olive Us

Olive Us is a charming web series following the lives of six children, Ralph, Maude, Olive, Oscar, Betty, and Flora June. The family lives in the countryside of France and these short films capture the nostalgia of family and adventure through a child's eyes. One of my favorites is Betty in Paris - I love how the film shows the grandness of Paris from the gaze of a little girl dressed in red. I always smile when I see a new episode alert in my inbox - Olive Us always delivers a short escape into the child's land of adventure. For the Olive Us website, click here. To see the new season, click here. The mother of these six children, Gabrielle Blair, also writes a blog, www.DesignMom.com (I don't know how she does it all - I have two kids and always feel slightly behind). Betty In Paris from Olive Us on Vimeo. A precious video of the family together: Christmas Tree Hunt from Olive Us on Vimeo.

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