By George.

These earrings have a special place in my heart. Besides being beautiful, they are inspired by a sweet story. I spotted similar earrings on 47th street during one of my first weeks living in New York: Georgian, c. 1880 in the original leather box. I would pass by the shop on the way to the jewelers, inquire if I didn't see the earrings in the window, and carried on this inquiry for two years. A few times I thought of justifying their purchase for myself: a better way to study Georgian jewelry, an investment, I need it because I design jewelry, I need a memory of my time in New York ... I had gone to great lengths to even negotiate the price, gather all contact information and photographs of the piece for my husband. We moved from the city in May: Christmas and birthday came and left. The earrings never surfaced - but I could not shake them from my mind. After the second Christmas with no earrings I decided to return to my earlier justifications and call and buy them for myself. I had never bought jewelry like this for myself but I was determined. I called. I found out to my dismay: The earrings were sold - sold to an individual, who happened to not really like the color of the stones but they bought them anyhow because their girlfriend liked them. The statement ended my two year thread of hope because obviously that was not my husband - I knew for a fact my husband would not have even noticed the color or cared to mention anything unless it was about the price or if it seemed broken. I hung up the phone and cried. I called my husband at work crying. He kindly mentioned I did design jewelry so why didn't I just make some. I cried more because I didn't live in 1880, the leather box was unreplicable, and this memory of 47th street was taken away by someone who didn't even like the stones. And lastly, I cried because I was pregnant and didn't know it at the time, so all those nice early pregnancy hormones just added to the mix. Four months later, my sweet husband handed me a box on my 30th birthday. I was shocked. I was so happy I wanted to cry but I was just silently stunned (and I had cried waayyy to much about them in the past) He had bought the earrings a year ago before we moved and kept them hidden. So, since there is no way I am parting with mine, I bring to you a version of those 1880 Georgian earrings. I changed out the old mine cut diamonds for champagne rose cut diamonds and added a second version in mint green amethyst. The earrings have the same alluring quality as the original though - the faint color of the stones combined with the subtle sparkle of the rose cuts make the earrings understated enough to wear with a t-shirt but elegant enough for black tie. This version comes in its own leather box too. Perhaps a century later someone in your family will still be loving them or maybe they will be adopted by someone who will find them just as lovely as you did.

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