Coated Denim

  Coated denim (which looks similar to leather) is my new favorite fall wardrobe addition. Its not as expensive as leather and not hot like the fake leather pant option since it is made predominately of cotton. The effect is a sleek and chic update. I have these pants from AG, or Zara make a great budget friendly version in grey and black.

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Bonpoint? Nope. Its Zara...

There is no doubt Zara is one of my favorite stores - the clothes are well made, the shoes are always great, there are great handbag and shoe options in leather for excellent prices, and my Zara purchases never seem to go out of style. This fall, Zara has done it again. The children's line is precious with a bit of edge and the baby line is awesome - very French with beautiful little prints, adorable cardigans, leather mary jane shoes (!!)- looking quite Bonpoint for a fraction of the price (and did I mention that the boys clothes are cute too?? You can visit the Zara website or my pinterest page where I have been pinning away!! Images via Zara Website

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10 Pregnancy Style Tips

This is me - 7.5 months pregnant on my birthday last year. JBrand maternity jeans, Forever 21 dress worn as shirt, Zara jacket, shoes by Pedro Garcia. Feel free to go to my "Maternity Style" board on Pinterest to get a visual idea of what I am about to talk about. Shop Your Closet: My first advice when determining your maternity wardrobe is shop your closet. Move your blazers, maxi dresses, shift dresses, tunics, long cardigans, leggings, and anything that does not have a defined waistline to the front. You can then build from there. I feel like maternity clothing can sometimes look a little boring, but if you work to make it fit with your style, its more of just a supplement and not a wardrobe shift. Non-Maternity Clothing Route: My first pregnancy I prided myself for not owning a single maternity item. Instead I cut a slit down the front of my jeggings as my stomach grew and I bought larger sizes from H&M, Zara, Calypso, and the mecca of amazing finds in NYC, Loehmanns. If you want to go high end, shop the sales at stores like Saks, Neimans, the Out-Net since you will have an elusive and changing size. Its all about guessing with sizing and buying for what works about a month out from now and then purchasing as the need changes. This method works for those who are the hunter-gatherer types and enjoy the thrill of the find. Maternity + Personal Clothing Route: My second pregnancy came along and I bought maternity jeans and wondered why I thought it was cool to DIY my maternity pants last time. Some things are just better maternity and pants are one of them. I had JBrand and loved them. As I got bigger I realized that maternity tops can be helpful because they are cut for the pregnant body and actually can be much more slimming than the shop up a size route. Rosie Pope, Hatch, More of Me and Splendid (so soft!) makes great basic maternity clothes. TopShop, ASOS and H&M all have maternity lines now that are soo cute and less expensive. I found that ZARA was great for structured jackets to wear over the shirts and it is a great price for the look. Claridge & King makes this shirt that I lived in and still live in! 10 Ways to Build Your Pregnancy Wardrobe With Style: 1. The Bottom: white, black, denim jeans or leggings (Splendid ones win!). I found dresses were easier than skirts, but I did find this amazing silk pleated mini skirt I wore with opaque black tights and boots from H&M that I wore all the time - the zipper just kept coming further down as the months passed. JBrand jeans are great, and I haven't tried Zara but they sure look nice! 2. The Top: cotton tops if you want your bump to show (Splendid makes the softest ones for maternity), cotton tunic shirts, oxford shirts, or peasant blouses sized up for not maternity items, with a blazer or long cardigan if needed. I'd suggest doing a quick H&M or other discount run to see if you could get some basics there before supplementing with the more expensive. This Claridge & King shirt would be a great shirt to use to maternity-ize the first look, and a Splendid grey tee w/ maternity jeans will get you the second look: 3. The Shoes: Wear those heels until your back hurts! The thicker heels are more comfortable and give stability. I had a pair of flat boots, (I love these!) Chanel booties w/a thick heel, and some pretty flats.  If your back is giving you trouble, try platforms without heels like these from Emerson Fry - just be a little more careful when walking because the bigger you are the less stable you can be.   4. The Accessories: I've heard people say to pile on big jewelry during pregnancy. Anything goes at the beginning but towards the end I felt like it just added to the mass. Statement earrings and longer necklaces are fine, but the larger bib necklaces or arm parties get a little busy during late pregnancy in my opinion. I wore these earringsall the time when I was pregnant.   5. The Coats: If going non-maternity look for swing coats. I borrowed a friend's and towards the end of pregnancy felt like I looked a little like Tweedle-Dee but I was able to button it up the whole time. If you don't want a swing coat, avoid inclement weather or use a regular coat and wear sweaters and layers underneath and add a thick scarf. Or, you can go for the obvious and just buy or borrow a maternity coat like this one from Rosie Pope. 7. The Dresses: If its summer maxi dresses are your best friend. If it is fall, you can accessorize with a jacket. I liked shorter shift dresses too since I was very pregnant last summer. If you want to go non-maternity, maxi dresses with undefined waistlines or empire waists work. When it comes to non-maternity dresses many people say empire waist will work all the time, but my advice is proceed with caution. It really depends on how your pregnancy goes, and the short empire waist dress can make you look all bust and all hips with no definition in between. The Hatch maxi dress is darling, and More of Me makes some pretty dresses. 8. The Panty Hose: I flew a lot with both pregnancies and had these compression hose from Jobst. Not top on the fashion list and I am still getting mailings from geriatric compression catalogs, but they were really, really comfortable. If your legs are starting to hurt somewhat, Spanx makes hose that are not as compression and if it is winter you can wear them under pants and no one will know. Now I may or may not have worn my Jobst lovelies under my maxi dresses last summer .... 9. The Workout: Lululemon makes these great tanks that can work well for maternity - I saw a Lululemon employee who was pregnant wearing one and her bump looked awesome! I wore their pants the whole pregnancy too. You will probably want to go up a size in the sports bras since your endowment does tend to increase at this time! 10. The Intimates: I know your body is changing but you can still look cute underneath. This Eberjey night gown is flattering for pregnancy. Since I was convinced our air conditioner was broken during my entire pregnancy, this style was perfect for me! They are now making cute nursing bras (finally) or if your bra is starting to get too tight - buy a bra extender. Now that you have a list, don't forget to cruise over to My Pinterest Board for pregnancy style photos and shopping ideas. Come back for my next post: "What to Pack for the Hospital When You are Expecting." And thank you all so much for the overwhelming email response to Yesterday's posts - 10 Post Pregnancy Style Tips and Post Maternity Style, UGH. I am still trying to respond to all of them emails but I guess this issue is close to many of us. I've added more pins on pinterest per your suggestions and thank you for your feedback - keep it coming ladies! Image 1 (mine), 2, 3, 4,5  

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10 Post-Pregnancy Style Tips

As I mentioned in the previous post, my always fashionable French friend and her mother gave me a shopping list for what to wear for my post-baby fashion crisis. Before the baby I loved spending the time to put an outfit together and pick out the right accessories. Post baby, it was the reallocation of time (or no time) combined with the fact that after pregnancy I was so sick of my maternity clothes and eager to wear my old ones, combined with my body being in a stage of graceful change that led to my fashion demise. Your experience does not have to be this way. Here are 10 things to consider in the post pregnancy wardrobe: 1. The Shoulder: Its a 1980's fact that if you increase the width of the shoulder, the waist and hips appear smaller. Use this knowledge to your benefit. Zara makes excellent structured blazers for any season. I find that cardigans sometimes do not have enough structure and just collect at the wrong place. 2. The Tunic: Anything that flows a little longer and bypasses the midsection is what you are going for. There are so many pretty colors, patterns, and cuts. Joie and Calypso always have a great selection of tunics and Loft makes great shirts and clothes that are are very forgiving on the body without sacrificing style.   3. The Button Down Shirt: This is great for nursing. Buy it over sized enough to not hug the mid section. You can wear this with a tailored jacket to dress up. You could wear this shirt with leggings and some cute shoes and have an outfit in 30 seconds. Zara People4. The Pants: Leggings work wonders. You can also try getting inexpensive jeans (H&M, Old Navy have great ones). Get a few sizes to try and if you still cant find something that fits the leg and the waist, get the best fit and take it to a tailors and have a slit cut on the side seams of the waist and insert some elastic so the button isn't cutting into you. Even if you can squeeze into a smaller size, know that doing this can increase the size of your muffin top and you can avoid this by getting one size larger. Or, a hybrid pull up jean made by Jag Jeans, could be your solution: taking care of business on the top (stretch waistband) fashion on the bottom (tapered denim). These jeans come in pretty colors too. This is the only picture I could get so you have to imagine that a shirt will be covering the waistband... 5. Swimwear: Worst. I know you don't want to talk about it, but it is summer. A friend gave me this tip - look for ones with a side tie. Not a string tie but more substantial one. Or a fold-over bottom. This way your thighs and belly are not being squished in. This one piece swimsuit is incredibly flattering. Find a pretty Tunic cover up and you will look smashing! 6. The Dress: shift dresses are your friend. Look for ones with a more defined shoulder or sleeve and that way everything below will look smaller. Maxi dresses can work too, but not the slinky material that looked so cute at pregnancy - those will show every ripple - run away. Also - Buy Some Spanx. This will allow your dresses to fit much better as it smooths your stretched skin. Must Have.... 7. The Long Coat: make sure there is structure in the shoulders like this one from Irving & Fine. You can wear all black underneath and all of a sudden you have a flattering outfit. Irving & Fine 8. The Lululemon Tank: Workout clothing is where it gets rough. My maternity tops were all cute and tight, and then after I tried wearing the tight ones as an incentive for me to get smaller, but its a depressing, non rewarding route. Instead, this tank from Lululemon is great - tight at the bust and flowing below. 9. The Night Shirt: I can't say enough about this Eberjey night shirt. It is so soft, flattering (defined shoulder again) and great for nursing. Its a must have. 10. The Accessories: If you only did heels before the baby, find some nice flats. You will need something to wear to chase after a child. You don't need to buy a diaper bag - I use large totes like this GiGi New York tote and then have a small pouch to put diapers in that I can move from purse to purse. When it comes to jewelry, pretty post back earrings and dainty necklaces are my favorites, since you don't have to layer them on and off. The days of all the bracelets is over - one simple bracelet is great but all the others can end up pinching the baby - they are better to wear when you are off duty. Implementation Stage: Now that you have a plan, you can pop over to my Post Pregnancy Style Pinterest page (I spent a lot of time on this and wish someone had made one for me) to begin to get a visual idea of what to look for when you shop. And lastly, here are 3 Things to Remember: Accept: It may take your body over a year to get back to your old size. You will slowly be able to add more of your old clothing as the months go by, but you are not going to wake up one day and be the same as before. You did just have someone living inside you for 10 months. Remove: After the baby is born, remove all tight or body-con maternity clothing from your closet. The bump definition was cute, the aftermath does not carry the same effect. Embrace: Once you understand this list, know that you have limitations. When you shop, pull multiple sizes, don't bother about the size just consider the fit. Don't pull shirts that are short and tight. Rompers or jumpsuits are an obvious no. Pencil skirts, no. There are so many options out there where you can look beautiful at any size, you just need to know what to look for. Come back for tomorrow's post on "What to Wear When You are Expecting"

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