Mark Your Calendar: Isabel Marant for H&M

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Bonpoint? Nope. Its Zara...

There is no doubt Zara is one of my favorite stores - the clothes are well made, the shoes are always great, there are great handbag and shoe options in leather for excellent prices, and my Zara purchases never seem to go out of style. This fall, Zara has done it again. The children's line is precious with a bit of edge and the baby line is awesome - very French with beautiful little prints, adorable cardigans, leather mary jane shoes (!!)- looking quite Bonpoint for a fraction of the price (and did I mention that the boys clothes are cute too?? You can visit the Zara website or my pinterest page where I have been pinning away!! Images via Zara Website

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Introspection + Utopia

On my last trip to Barcelona, I fell in love. The name: Hoss Intropia. The moment I walked into the first Hoss Intropia store I felt like I had come home. Every single piece of clothing, the decor, the style, the detail was just as I would have it if I could design a clothing collection. The use of color, the meticulous use of detail (tiny pleats, bias cuts, special buttons, fabric layers, I can go on) had me. I went to every store in Barcelona and every store in Madrid wanting to see absolutely everything they carried. I think the reason why I was so captivated was that not only were the clothes beautiful to the eye, I could tell that there was an artist behind all of this - not someone trying to make clothing for clothing's sake, but someone who carefully chose the fabrics and chose the designs as an art form. The stores themselves were beautifully arranged and spoke of the detailed artistry the brand invokes. I came home to find that this love affair was to be more of a star crossed one - there were no US Hoss Intropia stores. The website is filled with beautiful photos, new designs, and blog posts about art, but this only grieved me more because I found the only online way to purchase was their last season discounted on Yoox (awesome website - the product photos don't capture Hoss Intropia's details as well as it could though) and I made use of this method. But I am so pleased to announce that Hoss Intropia is now in the US! The line is carried in select Bloomindales (see list of stores here) and few shoes can be found at Calypso, and if you are in Dallas, a few styles are carried at Cabana. Now all that needs to happen is a full Hoss Intropia store to come to Dallas and I will feel like this three year long distance love will be over. Until then, I will just Yoox the last season ( this, this, this, this, and this, please) and hopefully find myself in one of the lucky US cities, or if you find me on a plane to Denmark or Indonesia, you will know the reason why. All photos via Hoss Intropia

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